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AngularJS Developer Job Amsterdam: AngularJS Developer (Javascript, AJAX, tdd) – Eager to get your single-page applications running with AngularJS (2500-4000€)?


AngularJS Developer Job Amsterdam

If you are eager to be challenged developing secure platforms for a huge user spectrum, you need to get in touch


We want to use new MVC frameworks like angular, backbone, ember and any other tool Javascript has to offer. Quality is key – meaning we absolutely care about robust, maintainable and testable code. For our clients we are looking to come up with the best frontend solution possible. We are confronted with questions about performance, security and usability. The more complex a technical problem, the more excited we are. Every project is cherry-picked and needs to be innovative, to provide us with the right challenge.

Selling points:

  • Amazing career progression - become a lead developer within 6 months
  • Salary + bonus scheme + personal packet + company car
  • 10 days non-billable to go to trainings
  • If you prove yourself, we are happy to offer a permanent contract
  • We build a variety of products from scratch - applications, multi-hit websites, platforms
  • Working with us means to perfect your Javascript skills and to experiment with a number of awesome frameworks (angular, backbone, ember, node…)

If you want to push your Front End Development skills quicker than anyone else in the field, apply to


*We will disclose the name of the client on application. Our clients ask us to keep it confidential so other recruiters don’t contact them*

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  • As a Recruiter Luke keeps a very honest and consistent communication with it's candidates. Very reliable, he cares the match the most fitting opportunity to the candidate skills and also to help envision their careers.

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