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DevOps Job - Global White label platform to perfect!


DevOps Job Amsterdam – Global White label platform to perfect!

DevOps Job, DevOps Vacature, automatization, Python, nodeJS, Javascript, virtualization, continuous delivery, testing, DevOps


If you are looking for a globally facing role, where you are working on an outstanding platform that is used by clients in the USA, United Arab Emirates and Europe, you should read further.


The aim of this start-up-feel company, which was founded in 2012 by 3 outstanding developers, is to revolutionize the entertainment experience.

No loading times, no first & second screen, but seamless multiscreen scenarios are provided to deliver the ultimate user experience

 Their open source project is mind-blowing, revolutionary and very challenging.

You will be working in the cloud and though the platform has a basic structure, you will customize every platform for each customer.

Since they hire you as the expert, you need to be able to make decisions, to evaluate and judge solutions, give advice on a technical level.

You will not be alone, experts from all over the world are selected to work here and to help pushing the revolutionary entertainment platform to the next level.

You will be working with high-caliber technicians that are asked to speak on conferences in the USA, London, Berlin or Amsterdam.


Benefits in a nutshell:

  • Develop an entertainment platform that has not been seen before in terms of perfection and user-experience
  • Colleagues cherry picked from every country in the world to work with THE best
  • Share options


What would be nice to see - experience with IaaS, Paas, skills in containerization (docker), virtualization, configuration management, testing and at least one programming language


If you are interested to hear more details about what this DevOps role includes, get in touch

  • At first I want to say that Luke is a very nice guy. Next to that he is an excellent recruiter. These two qualities resulted in very comfortable route into my new job. He really took the time to understand my qualities and ambitions and found me the perfect job.

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  • Luke is professional and dedicated to his work. He acts very quickly and has deep insight into Dutch IT labor market. I enjoyed cooperating with him a lot.

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  • Luke is honest with you. He tells you what he really thinks, and perfectly clear about that. Shows you what you are suitable for, and he acts quick upon your wishes. Get in touch with him!

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