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Frontend Developer – The best job for developers eager to take the next career step! Amsterdam - A-MERKEN - (€2000-3000)


Frontend Developer – The best job for developers eager to take the next career step! Amsterdam - A-MERKEN - (€2000-3000)

Here you will have the opportunity to work really closely with the Technical Director of the company. He has +10 years experience with campaigns in the agency world. He is the man to learn from!

This role is suited to you if you want to improve as a developer. This is your chance on a rocket start in frontend development. Get the room to grow and to perfect your skills.

You will be challenged like in no other job you have had because this company is used by top 20 global brands. KLM, Red Bull, Heineken, it is crazy. The work needs to be truly innovative and the type of stuff that goes viral, wins awards and adds to the companies exceptional portfolio.

It will be pretty cool for you to go home and think you are producing work for top 20 world brands. You will be using the latest tools and technologies before our competitors, which makes working for this company very progressive. They need passionate people who are always looking for a new tool or technique to drive the design/development further. You are able to understand the brand, it’s core message and the objectives.

Job Description

  • You will be solving different problems everyday for global customers, therefore global users
  • Contribute to the company development standards working closely with the Technical Director
  • This is very high profile work for global brands whose image matters
  • The work at this company is well received on a global level
  • You will start with a 75% banner and 25% coding role. It is all about your desire, skills and eagerness how fast you can grow into a 100% coding role!

You will be working on the most engaging online platforms, interactive campaigns, social media and mobile applications for leading brands. If you are top of your field then please apply or if you aspire to be!

Skills & Experience desired:

  • Fresh from high school with real coding skills or 1-2 years HTML5/CSS & Javascript experience
  • Skills to deliver robust, cross browser javascript code
  • Constantly seek to develop yourself by learning new technologies and keeping abreast of current industry trends
  • Driven to provide superior quality

Is this you and is this what you’re looking for? Why don’t we meet for a coffee?



  • Luke and I had frequent contact by phone, e-mail and in person. His active effort and enthusiasm landed me my current job, for which I am very grateful. I very much admire his social skills, organisation skills and knowledge of the IT job market. Eventually his ability to negotiate ensured for me a high level of job satisfaction in my current position.

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  • Luke is honest with you. He tells you what he really thinks, and perfectly clear about that. Shows you what you are suitable for, and he acts quick upon your wishes. Get in touch with him!

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  • Luke is the best recruitment person I have encountered. When I went to him, he immediately set himself apart from other recruiters by understanding the technical terms I mentioned and suggesting a job which actually matched my skills. He listened to what I wanted instead of trying to push me into a position; he also did not obfuscate information about the company. Still, he worked quickly, and I had my interview and a job offer in less than a week. After I had been with my new job for a few months, Luke checked in to see how the position was working out. He is certainly the first person I'd turn to for technical recruiting in the Netherlands.

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