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Frontend Developer - Interactieve applicaties voor alle platformen ontwikkelen - AWARD winnend werk maken!?


Frontend Developer - Interactive applications development for all platforms - make AWARD winning work !?

Working on long-term projects for Tommy Hilfiger, Amstel and Toyota in a great new office in a fantastic location! Enough space for summer barbeques;).

Here are you excited about:

  • CSS3 / HTML5
  • NodeJS
  • AngularJS
  • Grunt / Fly

Here you learn how to get the most out of it. In everything they do they combine technology with design and they do it all with the goal to help their customer (end) user to provide a great experience.

They firmly believe that you always want to learn, share knowledge and work together in cross-disciplinary teams. This company is an inspiring and stimulating environment where talent can develop freely. They compare themselves with Ajax. A big learning curve where you can become a great developer.

This is what we are looking for:

  • You always want to keep learning
  • You are proficient in the latest front-end technologies
  • Follows the latest developments closely and likes to experiment with new technology
  • You are not afraid to break things in order to learn and improve.

They are a progressive digital studio and realizes at the highest level interactive applications for all platforms and devices on the web. This organization produces award-winning work for every type of customer. Their clients include startups, multinationals, political parties, fundraisers, entrepreneurs, small brands, big brands, online retailers and NGOs.

Everything revolves around innovation!


  • Luke clearly has a deep understanding of the market. Also, I found him to be very unconcerned, which makes working with him very pleasant.

    B W -

  • Luke is a pleasant guy to speak with, knows what he is doing and is able to understand the needs of potential candidates. He is fast, to the point and reliable; there all points I value. If you are looking for a new job or new employees, be sure to give hime a call.

    B W -

  • Luke is the best recruitment person I have encountered. When I went to him, he immediately set himself apart from other recruiters by understanding the technical terms I mentioned and suggesting a job which actually matched my skills. He listened to what I wanted instead of trying to push me into a position; he also did not obfuscate information about the company. Still, he worked quickly, and I had my interview and a job offer in less than a week. After I had been with my new job for a few months, Luke checked in to see how the position was working out. He is certainly the first person I'd turn to for technical recruiting in the Netherlands.

    A B -

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