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HTML5 CSS3 Javascript developer: Do you think about strategy for all browsers first?

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HTML5 CSS3 Javascript developer: Do you think about strategy for all browsers first?

Key Words:

HTML 5, CSS3, Javascript (Yui, Prototype, Mootools, unobtrusive, Jquery, Google closure, native), Progressive enhancements, semantics, web standards, design patterns, MVC, Unit Testing (qunit, junit), Modernizer, Node.js, backbone, degradation, small code, ability without libraries Coffeescript, IOS, W3C, Mobile Applications, API’s (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin)

 If the above is what you live and breath then apply to

You will be working for one of the most exciting digital agencies in the world. Their development team is growing because of the work offered to them by some of the most recognised global brands in the world. The work that you will complete is global meaning it offers you the opportunity that most people don’t have. All we are asking for is the most talented, passionate HTML5 & Javascript experienced developers

We are looking for the type of developer that can tell us what we should be working on. We are the type of company that tell you to make things better! Use your talents, ideas and experience to deliver the best digital experiences for our clients. It is important that you have passion for your job and love what you do. Not only can you make things look pretty but you can build to the highest level possible too.

This is an international agency so you will get the chance to communicate with fellow professionals in other global offices. We have a culture of perfectionism and sharing our knowledge, experience. You just need to look at our website and you will be blown away by the brand we have created. This is one of the reasons that we have a global client list to die for. This means that you will be challenged fully everyday to deliver the “impossible”

You will be working for a great manager with a tech background so has a true appreciation of your situation. He is always supportive and is highly experienced in this industry. So when it comes to offering digital, interactive solutions you really are in great hands. He wants the most talented, enthusiastic and energetic developers on the market to create a “dream team!”

Key Skills & Experience:

4 years experience of web development/front end development

Up to date experience with HTML5 and CSS3

Ability to write short and concise code

Be able to build with Javascript without all the libraries

Knowledge of semantics, progressive enhancements, built stuff for mobile, strategic input for projects

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  • Luke is professional and dedicated to his work. He acts very quickly and has deep insight into Dutch IT labor market. I enjoyed cooperating with him a lot.

    P P -

  • Luke is a very efficient and dedicated person who first spends quality time to understand the associate, his personal and professional requirements and capabilities and matches to the requirements of employers. The level of his understanding is deep enough for him to be able to find a perfect match for both the employer and the employee. I am confident that his approach and way of working would take him places. Wishing him all the success.

    A K -

  • Luke is a pleasant guy to speak with, knows what he is doing and is able to understand the needs of potential candidates. He is fast, to the point and reliable; there all points I value. If you are looking for a new job or new employees, be sure to give hime a call.

    B W -

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