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Java Engineer – Learn GOLANG – Build a platform the whole of the NETHERLANDS will use


Here it is, your chance to work on the worlds leading platform! 

Do you want to solve complex problems, improve the existing codebase and make it simpler with keeping an eye out for scalability? Well then apply and get starting… Well this is the first step! But you can do it. 

What will you actually do?

  • Write lean and mean JAVA
  • Integrate new technologies like Golang and knowing what the costs and improvements are.
  • Review the existing codebase
  • Solve complex problems and make things simpler
  • Help junior members

Your needed skills:

  • Writing mean and lean JAVA
  • Love working in teams
  • You like to learn
  • Always looking out for new technologies
  • Being able to speak English ;) (And if you can Dutch)

This gets you:

  • Working on a platform everybody knows
  • A good story to tell when going out with your mates
  • A salary you would be very happy with
  • New challenges
  • A cool work environment where you can grow.


Interested? Send a mail to


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  • Luke is a very efficient and dedicated person who first spends quality time to understand the associate, his personal and professional requirements and capabilities and matches to the requirements of employers. The level of his understanding is deep enough for him to be able to find a perfect match for both the employer and the employee. I am confident that his approach and way of working would take him places. Wishing him all the success.

    A K -

  • Luke clearly has a deep understanding of the market. Also, I found him to be very unconcerned, which makes working with him very pleasant.

    B W -

  • Luke is very professional and great to work with. He is a trustworthy and reliable business partner.

    A V -

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