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Javascript Developer Vacancy Amsterdam (javascript, OOP, cross-browser) – Take your Javascript skills to the next level!

€3500 (neg.)

Javascript Developer Vacancy Amsterdam

Keywords: Javascript, Javascript Coder, Front-end Developer, jQuery, Mootools, angular, backbone, ember, node, clean code, AJAX, cross-browser compatibility, testable code, unobtrusive Javascript, git


*We will disclose the name of the client on application. Our clients ask us to keep it confidential so other recruiters don’t contact them*


You prefer to write your own Javascript code from scratch? Maintainable, testable and clean code is your overall aim?

You are the developer we are looking for!

We are passionate about Javascript and all its libraries and frameworks. We explore specific techniques, strategies and solutions to develop robust, cross browser javascript code. All the projects we are working on have a pure frontend focus. We face technical miracles every day because the projects we deal with are innovative and ask for creative solutions.



  • We hack Javascript, angularJS, emberJS, backbone, node every day
  • We also break code and customize JS frameworks to our needs
  • Cross-browser troubleshooting is our hobby
  • We love to manage our source code with Git
  • Web applications and responsive apps are our focus


  • Amazing career progression - become a lead developer within 6 months
  • Personal packet, lease car and bonus system
  • 10 days non-billable to go to trainings


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    B S - Senior developer

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