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Javascript Developer Vacature Utrecht (nodeJS, AJAX, requireJS) – Come work in a young, fresh start-up pushing your Javascript coding to an Expert level!


Javascript Developer Vacature Utrecht: Javascript Developer (nodeJS, AJAX, requireJS) – Come work in a young, fresh start-up pushing your Javascript coding to an Expert level!


Are you a Javascript Developer who explores specific strategies and solutions to develop robust, cross-browser Javascript code? Get in touch!


Javascript is the main language used at this company – a young fresh start-up with a pure focus on frontend projects. They choose the project they want to work on and only pick the most innovative ones, where they can really experiment with new techniques. Join a team of young ambitious developers who love to play around with new tools at home and bring their ideas to work the next day.



  • You will work with bleeding edge technology and tools of your choice
  • High profile work for Dutch & international brands
  • Build web & mobile web apps
  • Work with colleagues you can learn from & share knowledge

Your experience:

  • You write raw Javascript and know how to use different MVC frameworks
  • Desire and ability to make websites super fast
  • Skills to deliver robust, testable, cross-browser code
  • You dare to share JS code on Github


If you want to push your Front End Development skills quicker than anyone else in the field, apply to


*We will disclose the name of the client on application. Our clients ask us to keep it confidential so other recruiters don’t contact them*


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