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Javascript Developer Vacature Utrecht: Javascript Developer looking to develop in angular, node or ember on a professional level!

€3500€ + bonus

Javascript Developer Vacature Utrecht: Javascript Developer looking to develop in angular, node or ember on a professional level!


At heart you are a real Javascript Developer – your dream job would be to hack Javascript most of the day with decent breaks using any of the latest Javascript framework or library?

Sounds like your dream comes true. We offer you the position as Javascript Developer where you purely focus on Frontend projects. Only the most innovative projects will be cherry-picked for you to work on. Technology of choice is raw Javascript and any other technology you think will lead to clean, robust and testable code.



  • Develop responsive websites, interactive mobile web apps and complex application infrastrcutures
  • We mainly use Javascript (client- & serverside), knockout, ember, node, angular, backbone – feel free to experiment with any other library you think works better

Your Benefits:

  • Amazing career progression - become a lead developer within 6 months
  • Personal packet and project-based bonus on top of your salary
  • 10 days non-billable to go to trainings and seminars


If you want to push your Javascript skills forward quicker than anybody else around you, get in touch!

Apply now to to receive company URL and info!


*We will disclose the name of the client on application. Our clients ask us to keep it confidential so other recruiters don’t contact them*


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  • Luke is a great recruiter, sticks to something he believes is worth sticking with and follows through just as determined. He also gives you the feeling you are not "just another paycheck" to him which is great. Thanks you for getting me my next challenge, Luke. I will be sure to recommend you to others that are looking for a new opportunity!

    V E -

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    C Y - Senior Software Engineer

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