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PHP Developer- UNIEKE KANS - Veel verantwoordelijk bij het bouwen van een IMPERIUM - Doorgroeien naar CTO - Amsterdam (€3000-€4000)


PHP Developer OPPORTUNITY - Frequently responsible for building an EMPIRE - Evolving to CTO - Amsterdam (€ 3000- € 4000)

Very occasionally we see passing functions that are so very UNIQUE and that we all just say; WOW, if PHP Developer you would have this dream right?

An exceptional company is looking for a formidable developer who can achieve their thoughts and goals for a brand. For the company is: " a brand without a goal is like a body without a soul. "  Aimless. To you therefore is that goals, ambitions, passion, know what you're doing and where you're dealing with a very important pillar should be.

The organization is in addition to the already mentioned looking for someone who is proactive, ambitious in life, a PHP Developer who mastered several languages ??and is a very good communicator.

The team consists of an enthusiastic international group of people through the love connected with each other for their trade / business. Are you interested in Yoga and / or a healthy lifestyle? Combine work and play. Is not that the ultimate situation? For this organization, this is a big plus and so YOU ??can sometimes be the match. They want the next few years to expand their business into an empire that will find next to their business in the Netherlands, its way in several European cities. In addition to an extraordinary job, the company and their mission to call special.

You work independently on the backend and frontend of projects in collaboration with other stakeholders. We are looking for someone who is always open to new methods and can come with surprising solutions.

As PHP Developer you will be part of the team of the agency and work together with the creative team;). This is what we expect from you:

  • MySQL
  • Drupal
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • CMS
  • XML
  • Knowledge of APIs

This is truly a "once in a lifetime" opportunity to give your career a push GREAT. You will be like the one in which the organization must be able to build as regards the IT area. A lot of responsibility, but so INCREDIBLY many chances and satisfaction.

Life really is too short to let opportunities go, grab this opportunity now with this great company! I'd like to help you to make this dream job a reality.


  • Luke is honest with you. He tells you what he really thinks, and perfectly clear about that. Shows you what you are suitable for, and he acts quick upon your wishes. Get in touch with him!

    B C -

  • Luke is a very efficient and dedicated person who first spends quality time to understand the associate, his personal and professional requirements and capabilities and matches to the requirements of employers. The level of his understanding is deep enough for him to be able to find a perfect match for both the employer and the employee. I am confident that his approach and way of working would take him places. Wishing him all the success.

    A K -

  • Thanks to Luke, I have found a job perfectly suitable to my skills. I have experienced Luke as a trustworthy recruiter with a high consistency. He has a good understanding of the assets required to make a good match with a future employer. I would recommend him for any IT professional looking for new employment.

    R J -

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