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PHP Developer with love for Yoga


PHP Developer with love for Yoga!  

Just take some time to read this advert, because for you this is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity. This organization is on the look out for a developer that can take responsibility and has the ability to run a team. Also they would love to have a person that has affinity with Yoga.

These guys want to do SERIOUS business. The coming years they will grow enormously. They will need capable and trustworthy people to assist them.

For managing their websites, building new applications and the development of their backend system they need a capable and experienced developer. Our client looks for someone who understands multiple languages and is willing to learn and use new techniques. Surprises is what they like. As long as you can explain yourself, you will have the freedom.

This is certainly a chance you may never see again. The SKY is the limit. With a beautiful office on one of the canals in Amsterdam, this will be an easy choice. Not many people will have the opportunity to show their ambition and eagerness in a company that will get to the TOP.

There are great career opportunities possible within this company.

This is what they need:

  • Drupal
  • MySQL
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • XML
  • Yogi (preferable ;)

The owners would love to see a great communicator who can convert his thoughts into action. They are all about entrepreneurship and passion. Therefore they need someone they can rely on. A developer that has ambition and motivation to be a key player in the growth of the company. You will be THE guy in their IT-department. In addition they have got the nicest office we have EVER seen.

Initiative and show that you care for their service is also a very important thing. A developer with a love for Yoga would be a great asset to them. Everyone within the company is really into Yoga.

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  • Luke is a really nice guy who goes out of his way for the benefit of his clients. He has done really good work for me in the past in very trying times.

    N C -

  • Luke is very professional and great to work with. He is a trustworthy and reliable business partner.

    A V -

  • He takes his responsibility very serious and makes the best out of it. He looks to a situation from a perspective to get something good out of it. In the hole time he was providing me his service I always felt like I have been taken with a good care. He recognizes my skills and puts a well deserved title for it and seeks the right people looking for that skill. And he completes the task with great care.

    A P -

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