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JavaScript Developer - Here's your access to the best job in Amsterdam

€You name it!

Fullstack JavaScript Developer / Engineer (so yes also Node.JS)? Look nu further! (Junior, Medior or Senior!)

Hi! Are you a true JavaScript developer / engineer and want to take the next step in your career? Look no further! Let me introduce myself and lets have coffee. My name is Marvin and I work at thefrontendlab. The Netherlands leading Frontend Development focused matchmaking agency (hence not Recruiters!).

In this current climate I can get you at least 3 matching interviews at any sort of company using JavaScript (Gaming, software, product, platform or you name it, we got it!). You get to work on new exciting projects and solve complex problems in a new awesome working environment with colleagues you like.

Develop your skills even further in a company that allows you to grow! And of course if you care about it also a nice salary increase. So how do we do that?

We meet for a coffee, you throw your wishes on the table and we will find you matching jobs and get you the interviews (matching). I will help you get you awesome job interviews, prepare you for your job interviewcoach you on how you can sell yourself and help you eventually get the job.

What we don’t do: Throw your resume out to every single open job vacancy (we only send to the ones that match your wishes). How do I make sure it matches your wishes? We meet the company, ask them the vital questions, and get a feeling on who the company is and who your new colleagues will be. And only then we send! 80% of our sent developers go through to the second stage interview!

Still not convinced? Meet me for a coffee! (I can do out of office hours ;)


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  • Luke clearly has a deep understanding of the market. Also, I found him to be very unconcerned, which makes working with him very pleasant.

    B W -

  • Working with Luke, while I was looking for another position in Amsterdam area, was a pleasure. His company is the best recruitment company I ever worked with. He provided a fast and perfect service. He really took care of all the details and was calling me all the time to make sure I was alright and I had all the information I might need for the interviews. Luke really helped me to find my dream job!

    M P -

  • I recommend Luke for his great work. Professional, available, and friendly guy. I wish him the best.

    L M -

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