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Javascript Ninja with HTML5 and CSS3. Do you live & breathe Mobile First

€highly competitive

Javascript Ninja with HTML5 and CSS3. Do you live & breathe Mobile First

Positions live in Munich & Berlin

Buzz words: Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, Developer, Web Developer, Frontend Developer, Moderniser, Node.js, progressive enhancements, semantics, mobile

We are looking for a passionate web developer who has solid Javascript skills along with HTML5 and CSS3 experience. The tools and techniques change quickly in development but with this vacancy HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript will remain at the core. We believe in progressive enhancements and would like experience of moderniser, node.js or semantics.

As a company we are looking at mobile first when it comes to our projects and also would need applicants who have experience working at a strategic level. You will be working with a team of very passionate people who also don’t leave their work at the office. We are not saying that you will be working long hours butare trying to explain it’s the people who follow new developments, learn new tools in their spare time that are most suitable to this opportunity

Selling Points:

You will work with some of the most exceptional digital designers in the world

You will be surrounded by quality people and the best in their field

Unlike other companies that claim their projects are innovative – these genuinely are

Recognition from your colleagues throughout the world via Facebook page for delivery of fantastic work

Work on projects that are in the millions rather than the hundreds or thousands

A real challenge lies ahead because the company has projects from top 20 brands in the world

The quality of the work is at the heart of the value of this business


This is a real chance to work with intelligent and experienced developers who have produced stunning work. The type of work the company has produced has won numerous of awards WORLDWIDE. So this is not just your average company but a WORLD CLASS INTERNATIONAL BRAND

This really will be a step up for any developer looking to progress their career.

If this is you then I assure you this is an opportunity of a lifetime


  • I was really lucky that I had a chance to meet Luke when I was looking for a new job. He is really professional in what he is doing, but also very communicative and open person. He never leaves you alone for a job hunt. He always presents really top jobs to you. The same was in my situation and I finally got new job from one of Luke's opportunities. I will definitely contact him if I want to change my job again.

    P L -

  • When you want to reach Luke, he's there. He pays attention as if you are the only person he works with. He understands your needs and tries his best to find the best matching position for you. He's not only a recruiter but a good career coach and if I look for a job in the future, I will call him and you should do the same!

    G M -

  • Luke is a great recruiter, sticks to something he believes is worth sticking with and follows through just as determined. He also gives you the feeling you are not "just another paycheck" to him which is great. Thanks you for getting me my next challenge, Luke. I will be sure to recommend you to others that are looking for a new opportunity!

    V E -

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