Career Opportunities

Recruitment Consultant – Frontend Developer Recruiters Required

What’s on offer?

  • You should complete 30+ Deals every year working for us
  • That means you will be earning more money than you currently do!
  • It is also easier for you to earn this money with our fantastic reputation with clients
  • 2 of our staff will achieve 30+ Deals in 2015. One who is only in their first full year. 2nd consultant has been with us for 2 years and on her way to 100 Deals in that time
  • Come meet us to find out what that means in terms of salary bonus & career progression ;)

  • No Suits or formal clothing. Not even for Client Meetings. Our Manager goes to meetings with his T Shirts and Trainers. He does not need to wear a suit to be a great Recruiter
  • Unrivalled Hands on Training from a top, top recruiter with 14 years experience. There is no recruitment company in Amsterdam that can offer the recruitment training, business training, resource training and strategy training that we offer
  • 25 days holiday per year
  • Chance to start your own brand, build your own personal brand. That means your own website, brand to grow etc. Unbelievable opportunity to make a name for yourself in recruitment, here in Amsterdam
  • Typical Holiday targets. We will be going to Barcelona to watch FC and stay in the best hotel etc etc.
  • You will have investment in recruitment, sourcing specific conferences both locally and also internationally
  • We go to the gym together everyday at lunchtime. A very nice culture of working as a team
  • We work as a team. There is no ownership on clients in our business. We are fully, fully, fully focused on delivering for our candidates and clients. We have a unique bonus system that rewards recruiters for winning new clients as well as filling vacancies.

Again get in touch to find out more?

Opportunity and Business

We are currently recruiting on all levels for our beautiful new office at Herengracht 66. You will join a company with a phenomenal client list who work with us on an exclusive basis to fill their Frontend Developer vacancies. We just need people who have the desire to help fill these vacancies. No Cold Calling Clients required as we already have an established client base

This is for Recruiters who want to earn excellent bonuses and work with a fun group of people. The employees are Dutch but the Manager is English. Therefore there is a diverse atmosphere. The Manager is still hands on conducting 100 Client Meetings every 6 months. Our focus is on quality candidates and charging a fair fee for this service

Our Vision and Mission

Vision was to build a business that changes the perception of recruiters to a positive one. That has already happened with over 50 Clients placed with in 2 years. One client with 25+ placements. 10+ Clients with over 5+ placements made. Clients are blown away by our service

Our Mission was to complete over 100 Deals this year and we are on track to do that

Moving forward to 2016

We want to complete 20 Deals per month from January 2016 as thefrontendlab brand. Create and establish other brands so that we become the first and only recruitment agency to call for Technical recruitment solutions. Create Other brands to support the needs of our clients such as testerlab, uxlab etc

Moving forward to 2020

Global offices in awesome cities, locations. New York City, LAX, Dubai, Sydney. We aim to grow our brands to a global audience by replicating the business models and services to other market requiring the same needs


  • Working with Luke, while I was looking for another position in Amsterdam area, was a pleasure. His company is the best recruitment company I ever worked with. He provided a fast and perfect service. He really took care of all the details and was calling me all the time to make sure I was alright and I had all the information I might need for the interviews. Luke really helped me to find my dream job!

    M P -

  • The first time I contacted Luke I was living in Spain and willing to live in Amsterdam. After several chats, he got an interview for me, I arrived in the Netherlands just with that interview and just after arriving he got another two. This is just an example of what Luke's attitude can make anywhere he is. His proactive and optimistic attitude is transmitted to the rest of the people working with him, focusing on his goals and involving everyone on them. I would completely recommend this guy

    D L -

  • Luke has proven that he is the go-to guy when it comes to IT recruitment in the Netherlands. He manages to make the process of finding a new employer painless and has never disappointed.

    P H -

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