Client Recommendations

"Luke Thomas is simply the most responsive and effective recruiter that I've found in the Netherlands. He actually understands the skills and traits that AKQA require and does much more that simply pattern match required acronyms to those found in candidate CVs (unlike some other recruiters I've come across!) I have no hesitation in recommending Luke to any agency requiring access to quality candidates."

— K H

"Luke took great care to find the job that best matched my ambitions. He is a dedicated, very friendly professional with a good understanding of the Dutch IT labour market. He is a great resource for both employers and candidates."

"You will find that Luke is not like working with other recruiters. He is very passionate about his job, personable and cares that he delivers. He likes to build the relationship so you feel that it is more of a partnership than you are a client. He has an excellent understanding of our needs and only provides candidates that are suitable, filtering out the candidates that would be a waste of our time. The most important quality Luke possesses in my opinion is that he does not constantly harass with emails / phone calls. His amount of communication is perfect. He is not like other recruiters who insistently cold call."

— B R 

"Luke's genuine passion for recruitment and professional approach is clearly reflected in his success in the industry. During my time being managed by Luke he was able able to develop me into a strong, consultative and relationship focused recruiter. He is always striving to find innovative ways to separate himself and the teams he manages from the competition; but mainly achieves through simply investing more face time with clients and candidate than anybody else I worked under."


"Right of the bat Luke understood what we we're looking for in a candidate. He asked the right questions and was able to find the perfect match instantly. Will definitely be working with Luke in the future."

— Q J 

"Luke does a great job"

G J Owner

"Luke is profoundly knowledgeable of the IT Market and has connections everywhere - his guidance helped me not just find a job, but actually find THE job that would take me exactly where I wanted to go."

— M G 

"Luke did a great job for us, we were looking for over a year for the correct developer. Luke made his promises come through and recruited a top notch developer for us."

— B G

"all the candidates Luke recruited for us where perfect! The thing he understood well, we didn't want seeing a lot potentials, but just a few who are good!"

"Luke is a very enthusiastic recruiter, he is very good in getting all the requirements together (also the ones that aren't in the job description)."

— M P

"Luke works exclusively on behalf of LBI Lost Boys to help fill our permanent recruitment needs. Over the last 6 months since starting the relationship Luke has personally placed 4 people within our organisation. The profiles that we provided to Luke were not easy tasks yet somehow the quality, speed and efficiency of the recruitment has been first class. Luke is highly professional yet likes to have a personal relationship with his clients. He has been to our offices a number of times to build on the relationship and make sure everything is working out well. We continue to use Luke and would recommend his services to other potential customers"

— H K

"Luke is somehow tapped into the best candidates on the market. The people he puts forward are always impressive both in the interview and in their work after we have hired them. Always looking for feedback, Luke is constantly refining his search criteria to ensure success.."

— J B

"Luke is a great Recruiter, he fiends exactly what you're looking for. He found us some great IT guys. the labour market was very difficult at the time, but he managed to find them. If you're looking for good people, call Luke:-)"

  • Thanks to Luke, I have found a job perfectly suitable to my skills. I have experienced Luke as a trustworthy recruiter with a high consistency. He has a good understanding of the assets required to make a good match with a future employer. I would recommend him for any IT professional looking for new employment.

    R J -

  • He takes his responsibility very serious and makes the best out of it. He looks to a situation from a perspective to get something good out of it. In the hole time he was providing me his service I always felt like I have been taken with a good care. He recognizes my skills and puts a well deserved title for it and seeks the right people looking for that skill. And he completes the task with great care.

    A P -

  • I had the pleasure of working with Luke recently and he proved to be very efficient and someone you can depend on. He is an asset to any organization and I am happy to give him my wholehearted endorsement.

    B S - Senior developer

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