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Javascript Developer Job Amsterdam (javascript, nodeJS, html5) – Expert level Javascript coding in a young, start-up like working environment!

€3500 (neg.)

Javascript Developer Job Amsterdam

Keywords: Javascript Developer, Javascript, html5, css3, jQuery, Mootools, angular, backbone, ember, raw code, cross-browser compatibility, test driven development, unobtrusive Javascript, mobile, progressive enhancement, responsive web design


*We will disclose the name of the client on application. Our clients ask us to keep it confidential so other recruiters don’t contact them*


Do you explore specific techniques, strategies and solutions to develop robust, cross browser javascript code?


The company needs people that understand how a javascript library of choice works

I am looking to hear from developers who can create a cross browser javascript library from scratch.


  • You will work with bleeding edge technology - be always ahead of the game
  • High profile work for Dutch & international brands
  • Build web & mobile web apps
  • Work with colleagues you can learn from & share knowledge


Your experience:

  • You write raw Javascript and know how to use different MVC frameworks
  • Desire and ability to make websites super fast
  • Skills to deliver robust, testable, cross-browser code
  • Git is one of your friends


If you want to push your Front End Development skills quicker than anyone else in the field, apply to


Even if you do not meet all the requirements, please apply! You will get the time to learn unknown technologies at work!


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